Invitation for Commenters

Hello everyone, welcome to my Photography Blog!
Hallo und Willkommen! Kommentare in Deutsch sind natürlich jederzeit willkommen!

I encourage you to comment on any of my posts or if you don't find an appropriate article please comment on "Any Comments?".

I hope to grow this blog in an interesting place for friendly, like-minded photographers who enjoy discussing photography in a civilised manner. Like all clubs and forums, I have rules of conduct which should be observed. Most of it is common sense, like being polite to fellow members and not posting anything deemed inappropriate.
So please observe the following...

Conduct on the blog

The Internet is packed with places where rude and often aggressive behaviour is the norm. RotoMerge is not one of them. I encourage different opinions, but please keep all discussions civilized. Bad language, rude or discourteous behavior towards other commenters will not be tolerated. This includes trolling, flaming, name-calling or being deliberately antagonizing.
Any commenters acting in this way will be warned and offending threads will be deleted or reposted in modified form. I'd like to have a very friendly blog here with commenters who are supportive of each other including photography beginners.
So if you want a civilized discussion, welcome on-board!
If you want an argument, please go elsewhere.

Language and content

RotoMerge is a family-friendly blog, so no swearing please! Likewise while I appreciate the artistic side of nudity, it’s not appropriate for this particular blog. So please do not link to images of nudity or adult content. These will be removed and the commenter cautioned.

Staying on-topic

The RotoMerge blog is a place to discuss photography and art. So if you feel passionately about politics, religion or any other non-photography/art related subjects, please find a different place to discuss it! Comments which go too far off-topic will be removed.

Linking to other sites

The web is packed with interesting information and commenters are of course welcome to post links to other sites and pages that are relevant to photography, although see the note on advertising below.
Note to webmasters of legitimate blogs or other web sites: you're welcome to post links to your own articles, but only if you're willing to stick around and become (or have already become) an established commenter on my blog. If you simply post a link and don't intend to contribute further, it will be treated as spam and removed. Links to scraper sites will also be removed.

Advertising in comments

The RotoMerge blog is for discussion, not advertising. If you own or work for a store, please do not comment simply to post an advert for it. Commenters who do this without further contribution will be treated as spammers and their comments removed.

Hey, where’s my post?!

Finally, my time and resources for moderating the comments are limited, so please understand I'm not always able to offer an explanation as to why a post has been removed or edited. The rules are here, so if a comment breaks them, it will be edited or removed. Please also bear in mind any time spent moderating the comments is time which could have been spent generating new content. I know what I'd prefer to be doing!

Quoting in comments: some advice

Quoting a comment directly preceding your own without focusing on any specific points that your predecessor made is not recommended as it only bloats your post and makes the thread less readable for other visitors. If you refer to specific points or refer further back in the thread, quoting is an appropriate tool for reference. So please, use it wisely.

Thanks for your understanding,


(These rules are a derivative copy of the rules at the friendly Camera Labs Forum. Thanks Gordon!)