September 11, 2010

Shadow, shadow on the wall...

I've already shown you an example of the abstractifying powers of shadows there.
Here is another example that conveniently combines abstractification through shadows and oof (and b&w / two-tone in the shadow if you like).

A rose:
Rose 22288

The central "gap" through the image is perhaps a bit unfortunate, but as I could neither move the sun nor the rose to another point it had to stay there, separating the subject and its shadowy image...

September 06, 2010

Warped Reality

Mirrors are nice props to produce interesting images, reflecting the unexpected or combining different views into one image.
Warped mirrors (or to be precise mirroring surfaces) are even more fun to play with and are great reality modifiers. Just walk up to the chrome parts of a bike and watch with a photographers eye!
Here's one I captured recently, called

Warped Reality:
Warped Reality 26276