All my lens reviews

If you like to see what the gear-head in me finds out when I'm testing a lens, use one of the links below.

My latest lens reviews, all tested on a Nikon Z7 or Sony A7R II for Camera Labs, sorted by date (deutsche Übersetzung von Google-Translate):




All reviews sorted by manufacturer and focal length. First come lenses for mirrorless bodies. Lenses for DSLRs are further down:

Nikon Z-mount lenses:

Sigma lenses for E-mount or L-mount
Sony FE lenses:

Tamron lenses for E-mount:

Zeiss lenses for E-mount:

Other manufacturers:

Following are all lenses for DSLRs - most can still be used via adapter on mirrorless cameras:

Nikon F-mount lenses:

Sigma lenses:

Searching for a comparative review of long lenses? Read the Big ultra-long zoom test.

Searching for a comparative review of wide zooms? Read the Big ultra-wide zoom test.

And if you're unsure which lens to take with you, have a look at my post Visiting a city: What to take with you?.