November 01, 2017


This can be a pretty effective way to abstractify an image - although it is a well-used technique. As with other techniques that involve movement (of the camera) it tends to come with a penalty of reducing the contrast considerably. So be prepared to enhance contrast and/or colors in post-processing. I captured the following shot by looking into an abandoned building through its glass front. Using a tripod an ND filter, f22 and a 4 second exposure I managed to produce a relatively smooth and even zoom from 24mm to 70mm - or was this the other way around? I honestly don't know. But I suspect that the results in this setup would not have been much different. Using the tripod was essential in creating straight lines when zooming. If you move the camera while zooming (which will be inevitable when hand-held) the results look pretty wild. This is what I got - after turning the results to black&white + some contrast-enhancing. I also produced a "negative" by inverting the curve which interestingly now makes the image as if I'm looking (from the darker) inside out. Room_with_a_View_26110 It has something of a ghostlike appearance.

June 13, 2017


Preparing for an internal competition in my photo-club I was playing around with an Amaryllis. At first nothing came out of it because it all looked like the pretty typical Amaryllis photo. Finally I tried shooting through the petals against a strong light-source capturing the inner structure and fine details of it.
That was more to my liking: