May 15, 2016

Blurred Tulips

Just came back from shooting black (and white) tulips for an upcoming foto contest.
After doing the obvious stills from the bouquet I went wild with some long-exposure experiments with moving camera. Lots of shots, little satisfying results - but I knew from experience that you have to be patient.
Two shots came out in a way I liked: The first one called "Tumbling Tulips" was shot at 1 second during which I turned the camera:


I like the dynamics suggesting a vase tumbling over. But I can assure you: no flowers (or vases) were harmed in this experiment ;-)
The second shot was of the "drop the camera" type at 1/4 sec. Called "White Space":


The colors and contrast was tweaked in post-processing. And naturally the images needed some amount of cropping. But everything else in these compositions comes straight out of the camera from a single long-exposure shot..

May 05, 2016

A little abstract

Well, here we go again: is "abstract" absolute? In my opinion absolutely not! There are so many degrees of abstractification when you look at photography.
And if you define an easily recognizable well exposed subject in a full color photograph as the most realistic image (although lacking 3D) then anything from a black-and-white conversion or a crop that masks the true nature of the subject is already somewhere towards the abstract.
On a scale from totally realistic/easily recognizable (=0%) towards a fully abstract image (=100%) I'd rate the following perhaps at only 10% abstract. It depends a little on how fast you recognize the subject. Enjoy!


March 05, 2016


Trees are very high on my photography list and I love it when winter has bared them of all leaves. You see more of their structure / personality and the ever spreading branches and twigs against a bright sky are a nice challenge for any lens.
I captured this one and thought about pulling it off from reality into in upturned "alterverse" where up is down and black is white. This works quite well with trees as the treetop has a certain semblance of their roots.
So here goes:

December 20, 2015

Glowing Wood

Finally! Today I took two shots specifically for abstractification - and merged them into one.
I'm not very deep into Photoshop layers but always wanted to create something from different shots. In this case one shot is sharp and the other was defocused. After fiddling a bit around with the transparency and the different ways to merge layers in Photoshop I got a result that was close to what I imagined:


Hope you like it (should be viewed larger: just click on the image)!

December 10, 2015

Swarm of Lights

When visiting Vienna I did a lot of night-shots. The colors and the contrast at night are pretty fascinating and many buildings are illuminated in interesting ways. It was then when I shot my only "abstract" - and that was unintentionally: I just dropped the camera from my eye although the 1/8 sec of exposure was still running! Thought it made a nice effect with the Opera as a backdrop for the "swarming" street-lights. Swarm_of_Lights_89027

September 06, 2015

Lichter Raum - light room

Same exhibition (see preceding post), next room, and again: a sculpture and a title referring to "light".
This time made from poplar wood by Joseph Stephan Wurmer in 2013.
The sun was behind the clouds in this shot which helped reduce my own shadow on the sculpture. The shadows cast by the window behind me still helped frame the object. And an interesting leg of a visitor walking away from the sculpture in the dark is a nice bonus, I think: gives you an impression of the size (65x115x115 cm).


Sin Luz - without light the title of the sculpture I shot at the exhibition of the NN-Kunstpreis. It is constructed from thousands of plastic dishes hold together by paper-clips by Frank Dimitri Etienne. With 2.8m in diameter it's pretty large.
Interestingly (and luckily) the sun was shining right onto the sculpture and what I captured in my shot is one of the first impressions I got when I entered the room: fascinating, like an alien deep sea fish. Funnily the sculpture would have been pretty dull without light, so its title "Sin Luz" is a bit of a misnomer.


As always in my Blog you can click on the images to view a large version. Enjoy!