October 21, 2012

Abstract Nature

Today was one of those typical misty autumn days. I went out with the agenda of capturing "fading colors". Went home not satisfied with the "catch of the day" - but I needed to look closer and change my angle of view a bit. Found this in one of my shots and did some subtle post-processing to enhance the features of the shot. I also decided to frame it square, not only because on G+ today is #squaresunday (curated by +Tom Golson and +Ken McMahon) but because I love the neutrality of the format: it's neither "landscape" nor "portrait" so is gives little indication as to what subject you're looking at. This came in handy when I created today's abstract in yellow. You cannot immediately judge whether you're looking at a tall object or a wide one - which adds to the abstracness of the image. So here it is. And I hope you like it, the colors, the textures... Abstract 50268

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