November 05, 2012

Abstract trees - again!

Well, you already know that trees are one of my favorite subjects for photography - simply choose "Use keyword search!" on the right and click on "trees"!*
But today is not about the tree in photography but in paintings. Visiting the new Pinakothek this weekend I came across two fascinating examples of trees: One by Max Ernst:

Max Ernst 60450

Of which I only show a small crop here to give you an impression of how the artist "did it". Fascinating, isn't it?
The other is by Vincent van Gogh, also only a small crop that shows the brush strokes and makes the trees look more abstract than from a normal viewing distance:

 Vincent van Gogh 60472

Click through the images to access the large original crops.

I don't know yet what I will take away for my photography of trees and landscapes, but I find it always interesting to see how abstractification works in different media.
*You could also simply click on the tag "Tress" below this post :)

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