December 14, 2014

Inverted Inversion

I finally did my first test of an idea, that I was entertaining for some time now: What would the world look upside-down?
So I took a shot with nice turbulent clouds, flipped it upside-down and then inverted the curve to make the bright sky (now at the bottom) look like a dark sea and convert the land into a bright (in this case featureless) sky.
So it's a sort of double inversion - hence the title.
Naturally I had to work with some white-balance tweaks and other manipulations to get the colors up where I wanted them, and that's it.
Unfortunately the power-line gives away the game, but I left it in for two reasons: I was to lazy to clone it out and I wanted at least one clue to remain in the image so that you can find-out for yourself what the original image was.

Enjoy - and expect me to follow up on this idea!


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