January 28, 2011


While testing the new Nikon AF-S 85/1.4G with a Canon 500D close-up filter I ran into another opportunity of sunflowers in the (new) snow.

Trompe 28682

One part of the fascination with this subject was the form and the warm evening sun peeking through the split structure. But the other was the duplicate form built from the snow that at one time must have been attached to the flower.


  1. Hello Syam, and welcome to my photography blog!
    You are the first who has left a comment here - thank you for that.
    Regarding the picture: Well, it was an amazing object. This field of sunflowers that were left over from last autumn make for some very special subject in snow and ice.
    Nice you like it.

  2. U're most welcome. I do love all your shots. I'm an amateur in this field, but I do eager to take great shots like you did. Hope to learn more from you :)

    Sorry for the bad English, hee

  3. Feel free to ask, Syam.
    And never mind your English ;-)