February 11, 2012

Shadow of a Tree

Today the low winter sun was just in the right position to project the image of a tree onto a white wall. An interesting transformation of the living, growing tree into a flat two-toned abstract structure. Well, isn't photography all about making things flat and two-dimensional? Yes! And I could have drained the colors out of the image, too? Yes! But it would still be a sharp rendering of a tree in b&w (or any two-tonedness that you can do in post-processing). Further blurring could be applied etc., etc.
Personally I like and look for abstracts sooc (straight out of [the] camera), well perhaps not straight because with many abstracts out of the camera the need to do something regarding contrast and colors is often higher than with realistic images. So let's say I like "abstracts out of [the] camera" (aooc) ;-)
It challenges you to find or produce them in the field and not play around with too many tools in the post-processing software of your choice. Tools for me at least pose sooo many options that I can hardly decide which transformations are leading towards an interesting or even good image, and which are just leading to random deformations without any sense.

Shadow of a lonely Tree:
Shadow 34241
Interestingly, despite the transformation of the tree being quite stark (3D->2D, colors->two tones, sharp->blurred, full image->crop) it is still easy to recognize it for a tree. This is on one side testament to the capabilities of our brains and on the other hand is proof of the unique form of trees.

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