February 21, 2012

Post #100

Well, just found out that this would be my 100th post on my blog dedicated to the abstract in photography.
So let's put away with lens-testing or with a little out-of-focus play and celebrate this with a suitably abstract image, aptly named


Transfiguration 34422

Now with me being a lens-tester and all everybody expects me to shoot brick-walls, hehe! But there are much more interesting targets: Siemens-stars for lens-testing and reflectively tiled walls for self-portraits. Yes, believe it or not, this is a "selfy" :)
Had to do some tweaking of the contrast with curves and remove some distracting blotches. But other than that it's almost straight out of the camera.


  1. Don't tell me - it's the wall of a Gehry building. Walt Disney Hall?

    - Chris101

    1. hehe, nothing famous. Just around the corner in my little village here. Looks like some building from mars ;-)