September 25, 2012

And visit "auf AEG"!

If you're into modern art and live in the vicinity of Nuremberg/Erlangen/Fürth you should visit "auf AEG" until October 7th the latest. We spent 6 hours last Sunday because the studios of the artists were open and still did not see everything: Gigantic!
Some of the artists are into photography but I found that also many modern painters can give us photogs some relevant and interesting view on ... well, viewing, and abstracticism!
There's also a photographic exhibition just across the street "auf Quelle" about the "Waldrand" (the edges and borders of woods/forests). I'm certainly going to visit this one as trees and woods are one of my most favorite subjects. And it's open until October 20th.
So hurry while you can ;-)
Here's the website to tell you everything about "auf AEG"

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